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Great News for Teachers and Parents to Share!

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At 3 Principles Ed. Talks, we know that exploring three simple principles in schools is beginning to have tremendous positive impact on education. As children and youth realize their birthright to access innate health, resilience, insight, wellbeing and natural mindfulness; this knowing creates a healthy direction for their lives. This student success naturally impacts school staff and parents.

(The points for discussion are written for approximately 8 years and older.)

Kids are like a present; the best part is inside!

Draw out innate health, inner wisdom, by discussing the following points about the human experience. This knowledge spares us from unnecessary struggles.

Have you noticed? What do you think?

Our True Self is an inner compass…always here, 24/7. It’s our own inner wisdom and it’s also known as common sense.

Our True Self allows our mind to quiet, so we feel calm, see clearly and begin to help ourselves.

We have no control over anyone’s thoughts. Fortunately, no one has control over our thoughts:)

We have about 100 000 thoughts a day, no way we even notice all those thoughts! Some thoughts are useful and others are just weird!

We can let go of the weird thoughts. We choose which thoughts to use.

When we choose to engage negative thoughts, our world looks negative.

When we choose to engage positive thoughts, our world looks positive.

Thought is a powerful vehicle, it’s up to us if a thought goes for a ride!

Being happy is part of being human; it’s natural, we don’t even have to try!

Simply put: M + C + T = R

Mind (intelligence) + Consciousness (awareness) + Thought (creative power) = Reality (individual)

“When you start to see the power of Thought and its relationship to your way of observing life, you will better understand yourself and the world in which you live.” 

~Sydney Banks, The Missing Link