My Guide Inside®: Three Principles Secondary School Curriculum

These engaging story-based lessons, centered in the Three Principles discovered by Sydney Banks, help to draw out children’s awareness of their natural inner wisdom. Created by teachers for teachers and their students, this curriculum addresses academic requirements and the Teacher’s Edition includes evaluation tools. In crafting this guide intended for Grades 4-7 but adaptable for all ages, authors Christa Campsall and Jane Tucker pull from their years as educators to design a curriculum, inclusive of all learners, meeting official learning objectives and student competency standards. Children naturally experience their wisdom and show resilience when given a hint about how life works. This curriculum promotes that discovery process and encourages happiness and success in their young lives. 

Enjoy! There is a lot of fun packed into these learning materials!



Learner Edition


Teacher's Manual


My Guide Inside®: Three Principles Intermediate School Curriculum


Learner Activity BooK


Teacher's Manual (Includes Learner Activity Book)