At 3 Principles Ed. Talks, we know that sharing these three simple principles invigorates an individual's innate health comprising: resilience, insight, wellbeing and natural mindfulness. This knowledge impacts students, teachers, and parents alike. If you are an educator interested in student success, please read on. 

For 25+ years I have been in service at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels in the Canadian K-12 education system as: Classroom Teacher, Learning Services Teacher in Special Education and Teacher-Leader of School-based Teams. 

Throughout this varied experience in the education system, I have benefitted from an understanding I encountered when I was 21 years old and a university "pre-service" teacher. At that time, I was introduced, by Salt Spring author and speaker Sydney Banks, to a “new,” yet timeless, knowledge of what today is called the Three Principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Even a first glimmer of this knowledge had the power to transform my life across the board. It impacted my teaching and learning capabilities, and also deepened the level of happiness and peace of mind in my personal life. 

These Three Principles explain human behavior and are just as fascinating to me today. My level of understanding via Thought and a deeper level of Consciousness has created a new reality for me again and again. This is clearly lifelong learning. 

I had the extraordinary privilege of Syd Banks mentoring me during most of my teaching career. In 2008, he granted me a Certificate of Competency to teach the Three Principles. The profound transformations in students and adults that I have witnessed over these many years assure me this is my most effective way of helping teachers and thereby helping students (while at the same time knowing we can only change ourselves!)

As children and youth realize their birthright to access innate health which comprises: wisdom, resilience, insight, wellbeing and natural mindfulness; this knowing creates a healthy direction for their lives.

At 3 Principles Ed. Talks, we know that sharing these three simple principles invigorates an individual's innate health comprising: wisdom, resilience, insight, wellbeing and natural mindfulness.

In 1973, Sydney Banks, an average working man, had a “profound experience” that dramatically changed him from the “inside-out.” He often stated that the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, that he began to understand, are “nothing new, it is something that has been in this reality since the beginning of time; it’s called truth.” Indeed, William James, the founder of American psychology, put forward for consideration that finding principles are the solution to psychology understanding human nature.

After this life-changing experience, Banks was on a personal learning journey, and he made it his life’s work to share the understanding of these principles for helping people. He was willing to teach anyone interested. He especially focused on helping psychology and psychiatry professionals as the way to help the greatest number people. He worked diligently to keep the understanding clear and accurate.  

Teaching people the Three Principles reveals the foundation of the human experience, and gives people understanding of their own mental health. What started at the grassroots on Salt Spring Island has gradually, over the past five decades, created an entirely new way for helping and teaching people. It stands alone because it is an understanding, not a traditional intervention. In education terms, when there is understanding, the learner “owns” the knowledge and can use it for his or her lifelong benefit.        

From a global perspective, these Three Principles, when explored in schools, are beginning to have tremendous positive impact on education. As children and youth realize their birthright to access innate health which comprises: resilience, insight, wellbeing and natural mindfulness; this knowing creates a healthy direction for their lives. This student success naturally impacts school staff and parents. As adults view a student with understanding, the student has the opportunity to learn, rather than defend, and everyone benefits! Gaining understanding of these foundational principles is known to create consistently dramatic results with those involved. 

And... this simple knowledge is relevant for anyone at any age.

M + C + T = R (S.Banks, 2001)

Mind (intelligence) + Consciousness (awareness) + Thought (creative power) = Reality (individual)

Please watch this short clip of Syd defining the principles

You will benefit from the primary source books and recordings that are still alive with this transferable knowledge at

Einstein states that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought direct us into the intuitive mind.

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Educator views:

“Christa is out to share her learning and thinking with teachers. Our profession is so lucky that she is! Christa brings experience, balance, a focus on helping, creative solutions and options for learning and a down-to-earth approach to helping that is all about relationships. Christa comes to you with my highest recommendation.” J. Smith, Principal

“Christa’s dedication to the educational success of her students extended well beyond the classroom and her School Based Team responsibilities. She is a tireless advocate for all students, but most especially those who experience challenges in a formal school setting. In everything she does, Christa puts students first, and ensures all decisions are made with their best interests in mind.” L. Ruehlen, Principal

“Respected by everyone, Christa never wavered from showing us all how to find the good in others and support them to challenge themselves to succeed. Her diligence, skill in building relationships, and attention to detail are unequalled.” I strongly recommend Christa for any position that requires leadership, team building, advocacy and executive management skills.” R. Bennett, Principal

Family views:

“You are awesome Christa. Thank you for everything. Your dedication to education and your beautiful manner of conveying your ideas to make it better for all is truly amazing.” H. family

“... we wanted to give you a gift that took time and patience- just like you have given our son and us.” R. family

“Thank you for your care and special attention...your bright and warm personality always made us feel at home.” N. family

“Our daughter is developing into a kind and responsive young lady and is exceeding all expectations, and this is due, in no small part to you. You have taken great care in guiding her through high school and have gone that “extra mile” many times.” B. family

“We feel at peace about our son’s future, thank you Christa.” G. family

Student views:

“Loved having you around. Hope life is still great after all this madness:)” A. 

“You are awesome. Have a great time in everything you do. Thank you for helping all of us out with school.” P. 

“Thank you for all your help and support. You will be dearly missed.” G

“I found I can trust you and you believe in me... Don’t gooooo!” K.

“Thank you, Christa, I am grateful for what you try and do for me, I feel relieved.” A.